At the moment Raiz da Terra, Lda. has 22 employees, including three senior technicians in agriculture. Its current production is approximately 3,5 million plants per year, about 80% for exportation. We have an indoor area of 2.0 ha, 1.5 ha of outdoor area and 7 ha of mother plants (about 500 varieties).
As we can see, this company is still young but with significant strength not only in the domestic and Spanish markets, but also in the Dutch and French markets. This strength is mainly due to the innovative nature of the company, both in production and management.
Our main aim is to strengthen and consolidate existing markets and gradually grow into new markets within the European Union. To achieve that goal we offer a competitive price-quality relationship and some innovative products new plant varieties and new forms of presentation. This will surely allow us a sustainable development in the near future.


The company acquired the status of a SME leader.

The company representative was awarded the Young Farmer Prize (Agriculture Prize 2012).



The company became market leader in Galicia in Spain (Young outdoor plants).

The company representative was awarded a prize (a Honorable Mention) at the Young Farmer Contest, sponsored by the Programa AGRO (Ministry of Agriculture) and the AJAP (Portuguese Young Farmers Association).


The company became market leader in Portugal (Young outdoor plants).

Sales started in Netherlands.


As our team gained knowledge and experience in the case of ornamental plants, it became clear to us how important they were and what the production of ornamental outdoor plants could represent in our region. However, to begin the project, we knew it was necessary to be specialized in this field and to be prepared to export.
After the diagnosis, we had to answer our three main questions:

What to do?

It was relatively easy to answer this one: we had to meet customers’ needs in the market. To satisfy those needs, it was crucial to find partners, mainly in the marketing area, since this stage of the process requires a lot of professionalism and know-how.

How to do it?

We knew that the experience and technical knowledge of our team, as well as the suppliers’, the clients’, the partners’ and the public authorities’ collaboration, were of great importance to reach products of excellent quality.

Where to do it?

That would be the most difficult answer, since the plots of land for sale in this region are small and at speculative prices. After acquiring the plots of land with the necessary characteristics, we could finally go on with our plan and present an investment project, we wanted to transform, from the very beginning, into a model for the region.