2005 | Exceeding European quality

"The nursery company Raiz da Terra, specializing in the propagation of plants by cuttings (rooting of garden plants and shrubs), is a success story in the sector. It is the only nursery company, in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, working systematically with these plants. At this moment they supply nurseries in Portugal, mainly in the North, Galicia and Holland: "we work with almost 200 varieties, which is bad in terms of production, we would like to specialize in a few varieties, but the market doesn't allow a greater specialization. If a client asks us for 20 varieties we have to supply them, otherwise they will buy elsewhere", José Augusto described.

(...) The covered production area of the Raiz da Terra company is two hectares and one and a half hectares of outdoor production. By 2007, José Augusto hopes to "fine-tune the quality of what he produces with the rest of Europe. He also admitted that, despite having reasonable quality production, "the market beyond the Pyrenees is much more demanding.""

Magazine "Frutas, Legumes e Flores" No. 84, September/October 2005

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