2006 | AgroCultura

"(...) Root farm with 0.5ha, specialized in the vegetative propagation (multiplication by cuttings), of outdoor ornamental plants. It has a 15,000 m2 mother plant field, with about 120 varieties, which provides most of the cuttings. These, after being cut, are placed in propagation trays with rooting hormones and placed in the greenhouse where they remain until they root. They are then transferred to propagation greenhouses, where they finish their root and apical development and adapt to the climatic conditions, closer to those they will find when they leave the farm. Annual sales are about 1,800,000 plants, and the future goal is to sell most of the production in the Spanish and French markets and reach 3,000,000, having to improve quality and be present in some international events. Current clients are national, Spanish and Dutch "fattening" nurseries."

Magazine "AgroCultura" no. 9, April 2006

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