The order must be made in writing, in proper advance, and with the correct client’s data, quantities, species and varieties.

Delivery date  

The order will be delivered on the arranged date, whenever it has been ordered in proper advance. Raiz da Terra, Lda. does not take responsability over delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Unforeseen circumstances

In no way Raiz da Terra, Lda. is obligated to indemnify its clients because of unforeseen circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances are considered to be: adverse climate conditions, plagues or other diseases, fires, floods or any other type of calamity.


The transport is always paid by the client, being the goods on the client’s risk. When the goods are transported by a transporter, the client must provide the address and the telephone number of the delivery place.


If it is impossible to sell any variety because of unforeseen circumstances, Raiz da Terra, Lda. will inform the client about the order changes. Once the goods are delivered to the transporter, Raiz da Terra, Lda. is immune from any responsability. Any reclamation properly explained will only be accepted in the following eight days after the shipping in our nursery. The client is the only responsible for the plant preservation after the moment he receives it.


The payment is made at the moment the goods are delivered. The prices on the list do not include VAT. If the client does not pay because of any reason, Raiz da Terra, Lda. is the legitimate owner of the goods.


Any litigation between Raiz da Terra, Lda. and the client will be solved at the Caminha Judicial Court.